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HRGC Sponsors Fishing Derby

Published on 6/6/2023
In April , the Hampton Rod and Gun Club was able to be a sponsor for the Hampton Recreation Dept.'s annual Fishing Derby. The HRGC resurrected the support for the Derby since it had been a supporter in the past . Several HRGC members were in attendance to witness and support "first fish ever caught". I knew this was going to be an interesting event, but didn't know how fulfilling , or memories would be triggered by witnessing first time fishing experiences. We all get caught up in the fast pace of daily life but seldom do we slow down to experience what is really important. This "kid's fishing derby" was the hi-light of my weekend. The smiles and simple fun of catching fish was on display by all that participated. To see that young fisherman bring up his trout to be measured and hear all about the catch made my day. I know their catch made memories about the "big Trout" that will last them for a long time. It made me realize and re-prioritize what is really important in life. The HRGC will proudly be a sponsor next year for this Derby. I would hope that other HRGC members would attend, support, and experience that "first fish experience". I think you would find the experience to be bigger than for just the young fisherman.

Jim Irish
2023 Rec Fishing Derby